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Placer Gold Writers Ink earns INDIE BOOK AWARDS FINALIST

To celebrate we are participating in the Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale, offering an ebook download for $1.25 - that's 75% off the regular price! Just log into your Smashwords account (free) and use the coupon code SSW75 to get the 75% discount.

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Welcome to the website of Placer Gold Writers!

We are a group of writers located in the beautiful California Sierra foothills who meet to support each others' creative efforts. This site is a showcase and journal of our individual and collective progress as writers - and now publishers. Please feel free to enjoy our members' work, get to know our members, share our resources and follow the progress of our efforts to produce anthologies through our Placer Gold Writers Ink collective.

We would love to hear from you! Please use the Contact Us form to:

  • Request an invitation to our next meeting if you are a writer in the Auburn, California area.
  • To submit a notification of a contest, course, conference or other resource.
  • Join our mailing list.
"Through Button Eyes" Publishing Project

We successfully completed a crowd-sourcing campaign on October 15th to raise the funds to publish our first book "Through Button Eyes - A Collection of Short Fiction". 


Placer Gold Writers News
July 2017 Smashwords SALE
Posted on 7/6/2017 12:27:09 AM

$1.25 eBook SALE on

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Award Winning Anthology
Posted on 6/16/2017 12:58:27 AM
Through Button Eyes Wins National Book Award
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Buy A Book!
Posted on 1/2/2017 3:12:55 PM

Buy a BOOK from a Living Author, the Dead Ones don't need the money!

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Kickstarter Campaign Update #17
Posted on 12/31/2016 6:08:14 PM

Happy New Year!  Other readers would love to hear your feedback about the book!  Our words created the stories, but it's YOUR words that create readership!


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Use Your Amazon Gift Card - Buy a Good Book!
Posted on 12/26/2016 2:30:54 PM

Through Button Eyes on
Posted on 12/25/2016 4:13:28 PM

Posted on 12/20/2016 1:51:12 PM

Amazon Offering “Through Button Eyes” 1st Edition Print Book As PRIME!!

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RATE & REVIEW "Through Button Eyes"
Posted on 12/19/2016 1:40:47 AM

OUR words created the stories, YOUR words & ratings create readership... please take a moment to rate and/or review the book online. Thank you!

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Through Button Eyes eBook Available Everywhere!!
Posted on 12/18/2016 12:34:12 PM
Now available everywhere in popular eBook formats.
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Kickstarter Campaign Update #16
Posted on 12/4/2016 3:23:38 PM
Presenting Some of "Through Button Eyes" Authors, Editors, Publishers
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