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Tuesday , March 28 , 2023
Kickstarter Campaign Update #17
Kickstarter Campaign Update #17
Date added: 12/31/2016 6:08:14 PM

Happy New Year!  Other readers would love to hear your feedback about the book!  Our words created the stories, but it's YOUR words that create readership!


Update #17



Hello Awesome Backers…


All Backer rewards were shipped and/or emailed the end of November / beginning of December. As far as we know, there have been no shipping or email issues… so, we’re thrilled about that! However, there are several eBook recipients that have NOT used their eBook coupons. FYI: Those coupons ARE dated and they WILL expire if you do not use them. If you didn't know: You can “gift” your coupon to anyone via Smashwords if you do not plan on downloading the book yourself.

Our Launch Signing Party went well – plenty of good food, nice ambiance, great music, signed a bunch of books, sold a few books, and met several wonderful Kickstarter Backers.

“Through Button Eyes: A Collection of Short Fiction” is available on Amazon, Amazon/Kindle, Smashwords, I-Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and several other online book retailers in 1st Edition Print and eBooks. Please tell a friend or two, or three, to pick up a copy.

We know the holidays and family tend to interrupt those relaxing hide-away reading opportunities… but we are hoping that in the next couple weeks that many of you will have read some if not all of the stories.

OTHER READERS WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK ABOUT THE BOOK!! Please take a brief moment to rate or write a review on or Amazon/Kindle (just include a short note that you preordered the book from our Kickstarter Campaign – gives the review creditability).

REMEMBER: OUR words created the stories, but it’s YOUR words that create readership! Help us out this one last time… post a rating or review about the book (but please don’t give way any of the plotline surprises!)

Thank you again for ALL your support… we will keep you posted on how the book is doing and any upcoming Placer Gold Writers future projects.