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Tuesday , March 28 , 2023
Excerpt from "Through Button Eyes"


Stranger in Town

Author: Evelina Dunn 

Genre: Romantic Fantasy  

Synopsis: On a quiet weekend at the coast away from her lackluster life, she meets a suave stranger. A dangerous mix of mystery and excitement at the water’s edge - yet she feels unthreatened. She is mesmerized, even after being warned. She can’t help but be drawn into his world.

The sun was hot, relentless, beating down on the cobblestone streets, wrapping the small town in a suffocating grip. Shimmering mirages appeared up and down Main Street as heat waves rose from the sun-soaked street, white-washed store fronts dazzling in its light. Summer had not even begun here on the coast and if today was an inkling of its coming fierceness, well, then she was happy she had chosen an early summer weekend to lose herself… away from the city, away from boredom. 

She thought of ending her shopping early and waiting until evening to continue, but didn't like making decisions based on personal discomforts and wanted to fully enjoy her time while here. She opted instead for a quick respite, a cool drink at the town bar. Dark and refreshing, the little, quaint bar had lured many ahead of her with the same thought.

Laughter and lively chatter filled the room as she found a seat at the long, beautiful bar. It was dark wood, almost ebony in color; with massive, hand-carved symmetrical corners leading to a brass boot rail along its lower edge; it was incredible. Smooth to the touch, the bar top felt like cool silk beneath her fingers. She smiled; she was happy she had chosen to stay in town for the afternoon. 

"Are you visiting or are you a local?" She turned abruptly to face the questioning voice. An older man with smiling eyes and a full white beard on the bar stool next to her waited for her answer.


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