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Sunday , May 28 , 2023
About Placer Gold Writers

Placer Gold Writers is a supportive freelance writing group located in the foothills of the California Gold Country.  Beyond an author's critique circle, we support the spectrum of each member's creative activities, whether it's expression is professional, avocational, or recreational. Besides being writers, our members are also artists, quilters, actors, photographers, graphic designers, and musicians. We don't pin the labels on too tightly.

We typically meet monthly. While we regularly analyze and challenge each other’s writing to hone our penning and editorial skills, we always take time to celebrate each member's creative accomplishments, share writing market changes and publishing information, offer helpful writing resources, and set goals for our personal projects.  In addition to our own work, we occasionally undertake a collective "challenge" to entertain each other with a story, poem, or even a whole book.




Mission Statement 

To support individuals who wish to write and help them achieve their personal writing aspirations.

The Group’s Purpose

To offer aspiring writers a resource for education, feedback, and support.