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Saturday , October 01 , 2022


By Patrick Witz posted on 9/21/2016

Author: Patrick Witz 

Genre: Romantic Thriller 

Synopsis: Cynthia meets Jerry in a bar and they instantly become infatuated. Could their chance rendezvous be love at first sight or simply a one-time fling?

Jerry set his drink down and moved around the counter to embrace Cynthia’s firm and well-formed figure. No sooner had she set down her drink when her hands slid up his firm arms to the back of his neck. She pulled him forward until their lips met in a long passionate kiss. The previous respectful social dance had ended. Now Jerry and Cynthia’s innermost desires flooded over any reverent interest with an excruciating need. 

Cynthia collected his wondering hands and guided him through the living room to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, she stole another passionate kiss before forcing herself to pull away. Cynthia repeated the romantic movie cliché she had practiced in the mirror if ever a moment were to arise.

“Please allow me a moment to slip into something more comfortable?”

He stood in the middle of the bedroom nodding like a dumbfounded agreeable kid in a classroom. Cynthia spun on her heals, stole a glance at him over her shoulder, smiled and walked into the adjoining bathroom. With one last look, she winked at him, blew him a kiss and closed the door.


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